Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Reasons to Take a Nap

As a parent we all tell our kids to take a nap everyday but for us to take a nap is sometimes impossible to do. Not because we don't want to but because our schedule get busier and busier as we grow old. We should at least try yo take a nap if we can or if we manage to do it for several reasons. A nap of 20-90 minutes before 4 p.m. can increase our mental performance, reduce our chances of gaining weight and enhance our libido. Science has proven that naps sharpen our thinking, increase our productivity, increase sex drive, regenerate skin cells for younger looking skin, help in weight loss, lower our risk of cardiovascular problems, help fight stress and reduce or eliminate altogether the need for caffeine, alcohol or other drugs to manipulate our mood and energy level. All in all naps are good for us, so try to grab one when you can.

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