Friday, July 31, 2009

Healthier Hotel Stay

There are many people who stays in hotel rooms whether they travel for pleasure or for work they need to know that there are many hotel rooms that are contaminated with germs and bedbugs even luxury hotels. To protect yourself, better safeguard yourself with these three important moves.

1. Wipe Down The Remote. A study from University of Virginia found that even after a routine room cleaning, hotel remote controls, light switches, faucets and telephones can still harbor cold- and flu-causing viruses for a day. Before you settle in, scrub those surfaces with an antibacterial wipe.
2. Do A Mattress Check. Dale Kemery, a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency says "To ensure your room is free of bedbugs, peel back the sheets and look for telltale small, rust-colored stains,"
3. Slip On Flip-Flops. Padding around the bathroom or shower barefoot can result in a bad case of athlete's foot. Also avoid using the whirlpool bath; although it's tempting, it may expose you to the microorganisms that cause urinary tract infections and rashes.

Simple things mentioned above can protect you from any unwanted diseases. Next time you rent a hotel room do what it says above.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dust Control

Growing up I remember my Mom cleaning our house upside-down twice a week that is if my younger sister didn't had an asthma attack. After our youngest sister was born that doctor said she had a weak lungs which means she had an asthma. I remember how many times they go see the doctor for her check up and after that comes the prescription. My sister took a lot of medication at a young age. While she was young she didn't complained about taking all those medication but when she gets older she got tired of taking them and asked my Mom why she needs to take all those medication. My Mom told her the reason and she understood but there are some days that she doesn't want to take them anymore but after reminded her why she needs to take them, she eventually take them.

Like I said my Mom is a freak when it comes to cleaning our house. She wants to make sure everything is clean and free of dust. Dust is a worst enemy of people who have asthma, it is bad for them because they are having a hard time breathing with all the dust surrounds them. The problem is dust is everywhere the good news is there is a company who takes care about these problem. Soils Control International is a company that is dedicated to the goal of quality products and excellent service to help their customers around the world. There are things that you can do to help keep asthma from flaring up. As populations increase and the infrastructure and roads around us starts to decline, Dust Control or Dust Abatement become more important to those suffering from asthma. Other products/services of Soils Control International are PM10, Road Dust Control, Haul Road Dust Control and Gravel Road Dust Control. Recently the EPA has issued guidelines for dust control, dust abatement and PM10 regulations because of these changes many local and state governing bodies make it a top priority to take control of dust pollution. Doing these things will eventually help thousands of asthma sufferers.

Information About Bikini Waxing

Lawmakers in New Jersey considered to ban Brazilian bikini waxes after two women claimed they had contracted infections from the procedure. The measure was eventually voted down but the fact remains. According to Carol Livoti, M.D., a gynecologist in New York City and a Shape advisory board member, you can contract a sexually transmitted disease during a bikini wax. Bacteria and viruses, such as herpes, can be spread from one client to another through contaminated tweezers, scissors or surfaces. Reusing one spatula (double dipping) on multiple clients, may also put you at risk, as it may spread any microorganisms from previous clients that got in the wax. To protect yourself, seek out a salon that's staffed with a licensed aesthetician and has strict sanitary policies, including using hospital-grade disinfectant on any tools that will be reused.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Permanent Hair Removal

Hygiene is important to most of us and part of good hygiene is to shaved, wax or pluck all those unwanted hair. Instead doing all those extra work there is a better way to eliminate those unwanted hair for good. I know it will be cheap but it will be good for you in a long run. We all want to have a smooth skin and not feeling any hair growing back and do the same thing over and over again. Yes I am talking about a permanent hair removal or you also call it laser hair removal. It will take multiple sessions to complete the process but it will be worth it in the end.

Now that we already talked about laser hair removal, let us talk now about where you can do it or check and get more information on how much it will cost you. Laser hair removal in nyc is the leader in all forms of hair removal. Whether you are a man or woman you can do laser hair removal in any part of your body. You can try their complimentary test patch bikini or under arm just go to their website to do it. All you need to do is to enter all the information needed from you in required fields. If you live in New York you can have the best laser hair removal new york, visit their website now in by completely bare.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have a Better Sleep

Sleeping at night might be uncomfortable if you wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty and feeling so warm. These condition is called Night Sweats, there are a lot of people experience night sweats due to medical conditions. There are many reason why you sweating at night. If you are menopause you will experience Menopause Night Sweats. If you are one of so many people who suffer from this medical conditions like TB, AIDS and Cancer you might likely will going to experience night sweats. The good news is, there is a way to eliminate night sweats and help you to get a better sleep at night.

If you are suffering from night sweats there is a product called BEDFAN that not only will help you eliminating night sweats, it is also can save you money on your electric bill. The BEDFAN is unique because this fan is actually sits at the end of your bed and delivers a gentle breeze between your sheets. It will give you instant cool relief from night sweats. Whatever the reason why you are having night sweats, whether it's because of menopause, medical conditions or you are just a hot sleeper the BedFan is a cooling system that will give you a a cool relief from night sweats. The BedFan will instantly cool you down, it will help you to stop Sleeping Hot for a peaceful night's sleep. Learn more about it through the link above.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Benefits of Green Tea

Brush, floss, rinse are simple things we do to take care our teeth. Now you can add "sip green tea" to the list of ways you can protect your smile. A study from Japan's Kyushu University found that people who had a cup or more a day showed fewer signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums, than those who consumed less. Catechins and other antioxidants in tea may inhibit the growth of infection-causing bacteria, say researchers. So start brewing up some benefits today.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Relax and Play

For some people playing golf helps them to relax. If you are one of those people who loves to play golf and experience different environment to play it, well there is a website that can help you make it happened. The good thing about playing golf is that you can show your competitive side plus have fun doing it and relax after a game or two with a beautiful landscape that you can see on golf course. Who doesn't love the green scenery that looks so inviting? Everyone needs to have a break from everyday routine whether from work or house chores.

Experience the fun side of Golf Myrtle Beach whether your a first timer or a professional player I know you will enjoy your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations specially if you will spend time doing it with your family and friends. Get out and unwind and have fun with your family and friends start booking your trip now at Myrtle Beach Golf. They have Myrtle Beach Golf Package that you might be interested aside from that they have top five packages that you can checkout in their website. Visit for your golf packages and vacations.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Proven Fix for HBP (High Blood Pressure)

We all know that exercise is good for our health but do you know that doing cardio and lifting weights can keep your blood pressure in check? Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found that a single session-three sets of six low-intensity resistance exercise, can reduce your numbers, lowering your heart disease risk. According to Claudia Forjaz, Ph.D., study author and department chief of the university's School of Physical Education and Sport, when you lift weights your heart rate and blood pressure increase. This causes your blood vessels to expand, an effect that may last hours, making it easier for your heart to pump blood and ultimately lowering your pressure. Add two bouts with the 'bells to your weekly routine to help keep your stats low.

More info: Nearly 74 million Americans have hig blood pressure.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Acne and Hormonal Aging

A lot of us suffer from bad acne. I think it is the most common problems most us are facing day by day. It doesn't matter how old you are acne breakouts will happened whether you like it or not. Some say that how we live our life has something to do how it will show to our body, skin or even to our face. Stress and poor diet are just one of so many reasons why we get acne breakouts. No matter what we do or what we eat we should be ready what it will cause to our body. For those who suffer from bad acne almost all their lives and tried so many products to get rid the unwanted acne there might be a solution to your problem.

Dr. Howard Murad a world-renowned dermatologist formulated Acne Treatments that will help you eliminate those red irritated breakouts once and for all it is called Acne Complex. Acne Complex has three easy simple steps to follow. Maybe some of you already seen their infomercial on TV. Acne Complex is clinically proven to have 90% success rate in just 4 weeks and if you are not satisfied they have a 100% money back guarantee. With a lot of Acne Products in the market it is hard to decide which one really works. Murad products are different, their products balance oil production to soothe inflammation without drying out your skin. In less than four weeks you can achieve clear, healthy, beautiful skin. Read the testimonials of real people who got real result from their website. Some of us also suffer or experienced bacne once in a while for some maybe everyday. There is an Acne Body Wash that controls body breakouts and "bacne" through gentle exfoliation. It exfoliates to keep pores clear, reduces redness and irritation.

Let us talk about another topic that will affect as sooner or later. Have you heard of hormonal aging? If you look on the mirror and you see those fine lines or also known as wrinkles that is the sign of hormonal aging. It usually starts at our late 20's. Some other signs of hormonal aging are sagging, adult breakouts, rough skin texture and blotchiness. I know it is hard to accept all this hormonal aging signs. The good news is we don't have too. There is a new product now in the market called murad resurgence. It is another product developed by Dr. Howard Murad. He created Resurgence to help women repair the damage cause of hormonal aging. It is actually a natural solution to look and feel younger.

Hidden Benefits of Horse Chestnuts

Studies show that horse chestnuts may be key to the anti-aging process. New research shows horse chestnut to be a potent antioxidant. A study conducted by researchers at Middlesex University (UK) found that an extract of horse chestnut had one of the highest "active oxygen" scavenging abilities of 65 plant-based extracts tested, all of which were more powerful than vitamin E. This formidable plant is also rich in numerous flavonoids, including derivatives of quercetin and kaempferol, which help protect blood vessels. It's still too early to pinpoint all of its hidden health benefits, but horse chestnut is on the path to becoming a promising natural anti-aging ingredient.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Shopping Online

As a stay home Mom I spend most of my time at home taking care of my son. Shopping is really hard for me to do because I don't know how to drive yet. Thankfully I got access to internet so I do most of my personal shopping online. I like doing it online because I can do it whenever I want and whenever I have time to do it, which means I don't have to wait for my hubby to take me to the store. Doing shopping online is much easier instead of going to different stores and I can do all the shopping in one place which is our home. Plus I can find more great deals online and more products to choose from.

Speaking of shopping online, there is a that carry tons of products. With 30,000 stores put together they made it easier for us to find the products we want at the best price and great savings. ShopWiki is the ultimate shopping search engine, combining powerful Web-crawling technology with wiki buying and gift guides. On their Health and Beauty Buying Guide you will see products that will help you enhance your beauty. They have more than 100 wiki guides to help you make the best buying decision in things like make up, bath products and even vitamins. Checkout their Bath and Body page, they have a lot of products to choose from like bar soaps, body scrubs, spa indulgences, personal grooming and a lot more. You can also shop by company, so if you want to find products by brand they have the best deals and lists. I personally like Mary Kay products and I found what I want quickly. Want to stay fresh and smells good? They have Fragrances Buying Guide page to where you can choose from tons of known perfumes and colognes which is another great gift idea. For your easy shopping, check out their directory. With tons of products to choose from and great deals it will be easier to find that perfect gift for your love ones. Not sure of what to look for they wiki gift guides that can help you. What are you waiting for visit now! Enjoy your shopping!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Power of Chewing

How many times did your mother told you to chew your food thoroughly? It turns out there is a valid reason to do so. A recent study from Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) showed that foods yield significantly different levels of nutrition, including calories, depending on hoe much they're chewed. On this study they used almonds, which contain healthy doses of both fiber and good fat, but the implications for other foods are quite broad. When foods are chewed less thoroughly, the body has a hard time digesting them and subsequently absorbing the nutrients. This doesn't bode well for those who are often in a hurry and tend to eat on the go. Even hormone levels are affected, showing that something as simple as chewing can have physiological consequences.

Zimmer Durom Issues

A lot of people are suffering from the result of our economy right now. Added to that there are also some issues when it comes to our medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs. We all value our body and we do anything and everything to stay healthy. What if you get serious injuries or someone you know got affected by it? It is not just an issue to your health but also will cost you money. We all know how hard it is to function if you are sick. Sometimes this kind of problem is not just as easy to solved without the help of professionals.

Have you heard about the issues on zimmer durom cup? It is a medical device that is defected. After the doctors reported the need for revisions and further hip surgery for some patients who had implanted a defected Zimmer they stop the sales of the said medical device. The Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implants have been required to have a hip replacement revision surgeries due to the device failing to seat properly and migrating.

Like I said above some of these issues are not easy to solved and we do need help of professionals. If you need help or someone you know need help to these matter there is a law firm that represented people and their families seeking Zimmer settlements for patients implanted with defective Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implants. The Maglio Christopher Toale Law Firm is leading the litigation of cases against Zimmer, Inc. Their durom lawyer will be dedicated to filing a durom lawsuit claims on your behalf. Click the above links to check out their website now and to learn how they can help you.

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