Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Food after Intense Workouts

Do you know that a bowl of cereal is a better food to eat to rebuild those muscle after an intense workouts? Although sports drinks are convenient, the whole-food post-workout snack proved to be the better choice. According to a research presented at the 54th annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in New Orleans revealed eating whole wheat cereal with nonfat milk may be better for recovery after exercise compared to a sports drink. The result shows that cereal snack raised insulin significantly higher, had a better protein synthesis and created additional glycogen storage potential. The combination of protein and carb of the cereal plus milk helped to rebuild the damaged muscle tissue after an intense workouts.

Energy First

My hubby is been taking protein shakes for a long time. He said it is a meal replacement. He is taking it before he goes to gym and at night for his dinner. Maybe you are wondering why. For your information, my hubby is on a strict diet because he is in the Army he needs to be in shape. That is why he goes to gym any free time he has and when it comes to his food he eats chicken, vegetables, fruits and of course his protein shakes. When he is making his protein shakes he adds fruits to it like strawberries, blueberries, banana and peanut butter. These are the stuffs he use so he doesn't get bored of using just one ingredient. He usually alternate these foods everyday. For example if he used strawberries tonight, tomorrow night he will use blueberries then the next night is banana and peanut butter. With these fruits he used different protein shakes. He used whey protein isolate vanilla when he wants banana and peanut butter to it. Sometimes he also used protein blend and he adds blueberries or strawberries to it. For my husband case he used protein shakes to maintain his muscle mass and help grow his muscle.

If you are interested to learn more about the health benefits of taking protein shakes you can visit They even have the protein shake recipes that you might want to try. Energy first is one of the country's leading providers of quality nutrition supplements and cutting-edge health education. Check out the successful stories of some people who took advantage of energy first program guidelines and their products. What are you waiting for check out their website and learn about balanced nutrition.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peanut Butter

Let us talk about peanut first. Peanut actually is a legumes not a nut contrary to its name. When it comes to health benefits peanut butter is considered a healthy food. However obese people should avoid consuming large amount of peanut butter because majority of its calories comes from fats. Just use the one that is raw peanut butter (less refined) it is better than refined. It retains many beneficial nutrients found in skin. The total calorie content in 100 grams of peanut butter is 589 Cal. Placing it among most caloric foods in the typical American kitchen. However most of peanut butter fats contained is monounsaturated. These kind of fats have been shown to improve the cholesterol profile by lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Peanut butter containing polyunsaturated fats help raising the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) the synergistic effect makes this spread a very good cholesterol regulator.

In a study involving 22 subjects, high monounsaturated diet that emphasized peanuts and peanut butter decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 21% compared to the average American diet. Want to know more information about peanut butter's benefit please read here.

Unfortunately Salmonella strikes again but this time you can get from peanut butter. Yes how sad is that? In American culture peanut butter and jelly sandwich is popular. Even peanut butter crackers or just eating the plain peanut butter itself. My husband is one of those people that consumed peanut butter everyday. Now that they recalled peanut butter due to salmonella what can you do but to stop eating it for a while. There are a lot of news talked about the peanut butter and all the products that has peanut butter to it had been recalled. Read the news about recalled products here. Read the news about salmonella here.

Acne Problem and Treatment

How many of you suffer from acne or someone you know suffer from this condition? I think the most common problem that most of us facing is Acne. When I watched my favorite show today they talked about acne. The dermatologist mentioned about different kinds of acne that most of us have missed conception. He said there are a lot of kinds of acne and knowing what kind of acne we have is the easy step to find a solution to treat our acne. While a lot of us still searching for the right products for us some are still have problems it's either it didn't work or they don't know how to apply it. A lot of products out there are confusing to use. Unlike Acne Complex it has three easy simple steps. These product was formulated by world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. Maybe some of you already seen their infomercial on TV. They have a challenge that you might want to try. What are you waiting for take the clear skin challenge they have now. If you want more information regarding Murad Acne please visit their website at Read some real stories of real people who tried their products and see the result for yourself.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eat Peach

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables are good for our body. It also shows in a recent studies that consuming fruits and vegetables will make our body's pH more alkaline because of high potassium contents. Peaches is a potassium-rich produce that gives muscles what they need to stay toned and healthy. When our diet consists of heavily proteins and grains it can cause blood to become acidic. This can result in muscle tissue wasting away. We have to make sure that our diet is balanced and don't go overboard on one type of food.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Living a Healthier Life

Have you heard the word phyto before? Are you a health conscious person? If you are then pay attention and continue reading about this post. I have learned about the word phyto from the website that explain and expose us about living a phyto life. The website it self is called What is phyto and how it can help us living a more healthy lifestyle? Let us start from finding what phyto means. Phyto is pertaining to or derived from plants. There is what we called phytonutrients which means this are plant based nutrients. According to their website phytonutrients are the most important ingredients in our diet. These nutrients may help boost immunity, promote eye health and provide antioxidant protection. It may even slowing the aging process, help human cells stay healthy and also protecting the heart against any disease. In order for us to make sure we are getting enough phytonutrients we should conserved a minimum of three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day. There are different types of photonutrients if you want to know them check out

Now let us talk about the recipe you might want to try. have the salad recipes that just not looks appetizing it has a good nutritional value to it also, which means it is super healthy. If you are familiar to fresh express salad package you can use that to create their recipes. They have a Fresh Express Tender Ruby and Reds and Sweet Tender Greens that you can use to get those phytonutrients you need.

Learn more about phytonutrients and its benefits from the phytoexperts Elizabeth Somer RD and Phil Lempert. Visit for more information regarding phytonutrients and where you can get it. Also check their recipes that you might want to for your phytonutrients source.

Facial Scrub

When I was in the Philippines I used to have oily skin. When I got here in the United States I noticed that my face got dry specially during winter. Last Saturday we went to mall to got myself a facial scrub and moisturizer also a lip balm. This is a brand new product that I am going to try and see what will be the result. I'm hoping it will turn out great. I got it from Body and Bath. I've been using their products for a while but I never tried their facial scrub yet, so I decided to give it a try. Since I got it I already used it twice and I like how it feels on my face plus the smell is great. I chose this C.O. Bigelow (brown sugar crystal face polish). I also purchased a C. O. Bigelow Deluxe facial moisturizer with SPF 15. You see I used the same products. For me using the same products is more effective than mixed it with other product. I got a lip balm also with SPF 15. I like using lip balm for lip protectant. Taking care our face is important. Like I said to my other post before we use our face everyday and as much as possible we want to look good to feel good. It adds self confidence to know that we look good and we have good skin.

Look Good to Feel Good

As a woman looking good means feeling good. We all know how important our appearance is. Everyday before we go to work or just hanging out with our friends we spend time to ourself. Making sure that we look good before we head that door. What important about looking good is that we attract attention whether same sex or opposite the fact of the matter is that we know it feels good when someone compliment us.

What if that's not the case anymore? Have you heard of hormonal aging? If you look on the mirror and you see those fine lines or also known as wrinkles that is the sign of hormonal aging. It usually starts at our late 20's. Some other signs of hormonal aging are sagging, adult breakouts, rough skin texture and blotchiness. I know it is hard to accept all this hormonal aging signs. The good news is we don't have too. There is a new product now in the market called murad resurgence. It is a product developed by Dr. Howard Murad. He created resurgence to help women repair the damage cause of hormonal aging. It is actually a natural solution to look and feel younger.

Have you seen the resurgence infomercial? If not go ahead and check out and watch Joan Lunden who is featured on their infomercial. She is looking great at age of 57. Also take advantage of their TV offer for the prize of only $39.95 plus free gifts. Why deal with hormonal aging if you don't have to? There is Murad Resurgence to the rescue.

Cleansing Detox

Staying healthy is a big factor for me and I think for most of us. I don't know if you already seen the advertisement on TV about this Kinoki (Cleansing Detox Foot Pads). It is a cleansing detox foot pad that formulated in Japan. Here's how it works: aids natural cleansing, absorbs impurities and it works while you sleep. As you can see this is a different cleansing you don't take it like other pills. It is a pad that you apply an hour before bedtime. It is easy to apply all you have to do is clean the part of your body where you want to put it on. For me I put it on my feet. You can see that it works because the next morning when you wake up and you remove the patch you will see the discoloration on the pad. You have to continue using it every night till the dicoloration subsides. When the patches show sign of lightning, you apply it once or twice a week for maintenance. Each box contains 14 pads. I've been using it for 4 nights now. It sounds crazy but since I started using it I can sleep better. Maybe because of the soothing lavender scent of it. You don't have to order it on TV. I got mine in Wal-mart.

Best Diet Pills

Let's face it a lot of us have problems with our body. The common problem we all got is our weight. If you are born a skinny person then you do not have to worry about losing weight but for those who have struggle about their weight for a long time please do not loose hope. There are lots of best diet pills out there that can help you to lose those extra pounds in no time. All you have to do is visit They carry best and top rated diet pills. Also check their diet pill reviews for more information what diet pills will suit your needs. Their number one best selling diet product is Proactol. Read Proactol reviews to find out why. In the right side of their bar you will see the special promotion they are having. For limited time only they have Proactol promotion, which means you can purchase it at a cheapest price using their special code.

They also have a Herbal Diet Pills. If you do not want to lose weight by using chemical way you can try their herbal weight loss pills. Using herbal weight loss pill will increase your metabolism naturally also it will provide your body with natural nutrition.
Remember taking any diet pills plus exercise is more effective. It will help you to stay healthy and active. To learn more about their products check out their site for more information you need.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green Tea

A lot of people who wants to lose weight drink green tea, that is why it is considered as popular weight-loss supplement. It also improves blood sugar regulation. It helps to improves metabolic health. Scientists from the University of Porto in Portugal found that green tea prevented fat cell development and promoted fat cell death in rats. Green tea was their only beverage during the six-month experiment. They speculated that chemicals in green tea such as caffeine and catechins particularly epigallocatechin-3-gallate speed metabolism and fight fat. Green tea is an effective fat fighter that decreases fat cell size and number. If you are a bodybuilder you need to use it with caution because green tea, however, also increased the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in fat cells, which might have negative effect in bodybuilders.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marinate Your Meat

Why we marinate our meat before we grill? The answer is to be more tasteful. We know that by marinating meat it will absorbed all the flavor from any seasoning or herbs that we put into it. For your information there is more to it. The Journal of Food Science recently published research from Kansas State University (Manhattan) revealing that marinating meat may decrease the cancer-forming compounds (heterocyclic amines, or HCA) that are produced during grilling by more than 70%. Choose marinades or make your own with spices and herbs. The antioxidants help decrease the HCAs formed during grilling, and you'll be cooking more healthfully. Also adding more flavor to your food in the process.

Best Anti-Aging

Do you want more reasons why you need to exercise? Well what if I tell you it will make you younger. If you still not convince here is the rest of the information. Researchers at the University of Toronto reviewed 69 studies and discovered that exercise may be the best anti-aging tool. The results show that adults who performed about an hour of moderate activity most days of the week, even into their 80's and 90's, kept their hearts and lungs as healthy as those of less active people up to 12 years younger. Also, their chance of needing assisted living decreased to that of a person a decade younger. Next time you are having a hard time getting through your cardio session, keep telling yourself you are making an attempt at slowing your body's aging process by up to 12 years. Keep sweating people.

Show Those Legs

All women want to look great and feel great. We all want to attract attention but in a good way. We all have this sexiness in us but most of us doesn't know how to show it. The way we dress up have something to do of how we feel and of course how we look. For me the most important is we should feel confident about our self.

Are you a kind of woman who likes to show your legs? Do you like wearing mini skirts? Well I got a good news for you I know a website to where you can get those sexy, short and flirty mini skirts. have a large selection of skirts, skimpy skirts and women's mini skirts. Any skirts you like they have it. I know every woman have their favorite sexy mini skirts. Whatever your style they have a mini skirts for you. If you got a beautiful legs why not show them. What better way to show them, than to wear a cute, sexy, shorts mini skirts. To those who are shy to show their legs you still can wear mini skirts just learn how to put your wardrobe together. You can wear a leggings, stockings or a boots to make you more comfortable. Summer is coming and it is time to show those legs. Also it is time to go to beach, this only means you have to wear cute and sexy clothes. also carry clothing, sexy lingerie and sexy costumes. Check out their website for more clothing selection.

Improve Your Memory

I posted a topic before regarding berries. This is another topic that will talk more about another kind of berry. Let us talk about blueberries. Wild blueberries rank as the number one antioxidant power among 24 fruits. Want to know more? Do you know that you can improve your memory in just a few months by eating a cup of blueberries daily? Researchers at Britain's Peninsula Medical School and University of Reading found that participants improved their recall-test scores after 12 weeks of consuming 10 ounces of blueberries every day. They believe blackberries, cranberries and cherries, which are also rich in flavonoids (compounds linked to brain cell growth) could have the same result.

Flirty Fashions

We all know what sex can do to our health. If you do not know about the benefits of sex well you better start doing your research. I'm not going to talk about the health benefits of sex but instead I'm going to talk about how to get ready and impressed your partner for a night of pleasure. Getting ready to impressed your partner involves some works. You need to find a nice lingerie to attract your partner also you need to be look good and smell good for that night. Where else you can find the most sexy, cute and exciting kind of lingerie but from They carry all kinds of lingerie one of the most popular lingerie that both partners like is a Sheer Lingerie . If you have the boodylicious kind of body why not flaunt it. Make your partner excited just by looking at you. If both of you are like to dress up for a special night you can also get him a men's lingerie. carry all kinds of things that you will need for your special night. They also have sexy clothes, dresses, tops, high heels, jewelry, bras and panties and a lot more. You name it they got it. When it comes to clothing that will make you feel sexy their website carry it. If you are the type of person who shy to do personal shopping to get this stuff all you have to do is do your shopping online. This way you can surprise your partner. Also they carry plus size lingerie so anyone or anybody can feel sexy. For your lingerie needs or sexy clothing needs visit

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beans Have It All

Do you like eating beans? Well good for you. According to the article I read, not only do beans contain vegetable protein and fiber, but they also reduce the amount of artery-clogging fat in your blood. Participants in a study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, who ate half a cup of cooked pinto beans every day for 12 weeks had a decrease in total LDL (bad) cholesterol. The researchers believe the antioxidants in beans (polyphenols) might help lower blood lipids. Choose red kidney beans for the biggest antioxidant boost. Add them for salads and soups. They are not just for chili. So everyone keep eating your beans. To those who doesn't give it a try you might like them.

Top Quality TVs

Most of us have different hobbies or habits. We all know from kids to adults everyone like to watch TV. Whether we like it or not watching TV is part of our lives. Now a day a lot of TVs is out in the market. There are a lot of selection to choose from. There is LCD TV's and of course the latest HDTVs. Most of us like to watch our favorite shows on tv. What better way to watch these shows than in high defintion or on a lcd screen for amazing picture quality and sounds to enjoy it. Talking about tv we all should need to know about the difference of it from one another for better selection. Also to let you know about the price if you can afford to get one. Let us start from Liquid Crystal Display Television (LCD). Modern LCD TV sets are geographically universal because they have a multisystem tuner, to display PAL, NTSC and SECAM norms. They include an electronic (step-down & step-up) transformer that automatically can use 110/200 V AC indifferently and universal grounded adapter plugs. They can also be used as a computer monitor with a VGA/DVI signal, although resolution support can vary widely. Also some newer LCD TV sets can connect to a host computer via a bluetooth or WiFi wireless link. Okay now let us talk about High Definition Television (HDTV) is a new type of broadcasting technology that will transform your television viewing experience. HDTV enables broadcasters to offer television with movie-quality picture and sound. It also offers far greater multicasting and interactive capabilities. When it comes picture resolution HDTV double or triple the amount of picture lines seen on tradition televisions. The result is crystal clear images, with razor sharp detail. Now you decide what kind of TV you want. Do more research before you make up your mind. When you are done you can visit the price comparison sites. They have selection of TV's and also they have this compare prices to where you can see how much you can save. When you purchase the TV you want through their website you will save a lot of money.

Throat Cancer Information

To those who already know throat cancer information and how to protect themselves good for them, but for those who doesn't this post is for you. Read this for more information regarding throat cancer. According to the article I read a typical throat cancer patients are not 70 year old guys who chew tobacco and drink whiskey. Rather, they are more likely 30-something young men and women who enjoy oral sex. The human papillomavirus (HPV), the number one cause of oral throat cancer, is usually transmitted sexually. The virus attaches to cells to which it comes in contact and is nearly impossible to destroy by mouthwashes or oral rinses. John Hopkins researchers reported that HPV-linked throat cancers increased by 100 percent in the last 30 years. They speculated that while sexual tranmission was the most common method of HPV transmission, it is also possible to get the virus from infected saliva transmitted through kissing or sharing drinks or eating utensils. Also, it only takes exposure to one infected person to get the virus. Fortunately, people can get an HPV vaccination, which might prevent oral cancers in both genders and cervical cancer in women. (ABC News October 15, 2008)

Source: Muscular Development

Acne Treatment

Most of us have problems with our body. What if your problem is your face? It is much harder to deal with this problem because we all know we use our face everyday, whether it is for work or just a simple gestures to greet somebody. This kind of issue drag us down. We do not feel confident to go out and have fun because of our face. A lot of people suffers from bad acne. It seems like no matter what products they have tried it does not seem helpful to them. Have you ever wonder maybe because the products you are using is not fit for your needs. Maybe that is why it does not work right? Good news for you my dear I found this website that carry all Acne Treatment that will help you to solve your acne problems. Their website is designed to provide you information and Acne Treatment Reviews for best acne treatment products out there. You can find the number one treatment endorsed by American doctors and Euro herbalists, best acne treatment and skin care product in there website. They have list of top selling acne products that I hope will help you solve your acne problems. The acne products that they have in their website is carefully selected and recommended by most acne sufferers with the support from many successful stories. This means that they only recommend Acne Treatments that Work. In their website they showed type of acne treatments and acne treatment for different skin type. This make sense because we do have different skin type, in order to fix your acne problems you have to know what is your skin type to find a solution. You can also download a 70-page ebook for free to learn more about acne. They also have the Acne Articles that have different topics that will also help you about your acne problems. Want to know more about their website and how they can help you solve your acne problem just visit their website for more information. Act now to solve your acne issue. If you look great you feel great.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cancer-Fighting Snack

Need a snack? Grab a bunch of grapes or some raisins for a great cancer-fighting snack. A study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, showed that patients with colon tumors who consumed 80 mg of grape powder each day which by the way equivalent of half a glass of wine or three servings of grapes had a considerable decrease in cancer activity in the tumors revealed by biopsies. The researchers believe consuming grapes may help prevent colon cancer, which is the third most common type of cancer in the United States. Even if cancer is not a concern for you, a bunch of grapes is an easy on-the-go snack to pack in your cooler every day. The antioxidants added to your diet won't hurt either.

Source: MuscleMag

Make Money Online

With our economy status right now everyone who will be given an opportunity to make money in some way will surely grab it. Who would not want to make that extra bucks? Everyone does am I right? Making extra bucks meaning extra money to pay more bills. For others this means extra bucks to buy things they need. We all know how hard it is to budget if there is not enough to budget any way. This leads to stress which most of us are dealing to day to day basis. A lot of us are not lucky enough in this area. The good news is there is a way to make money. If you are a stay home parent there is way to help your partner to make money. All you need to do is get online start blogging and learn ways how to use it to make that extra income. Common let us not be naive with our situation. I know some of you will said you are blogging because you like it. Of course we like blogging but also we want to make money right? All I am saying is I am being practical. I was given a chance make it happen why not grab it.

I like blogging as much as I want to earn that extra cash in the side. Putting this two things I like to do is a hit jackpot. Sharing information and get paid to blog is a great thing. There are many websites out there that paid you to do a review for their advertisers. The good thing doing this is that you can write a review about the services and products they have. Which means you can help your readers to know what products and services out there and maybe in some way they will be interested to check it out.

I mention about websites that will pay you to do a job for them. Paying post is one of the website that will help you to make money online. All you have to do is do a review for their advertisers. This is one way to spread words about their products/services. Internet is popular in almost anything you can think of, you can do shopping, play games and do research. That is why most of the advertisers using blogs to promote their websites. You are like helping one another. They pay you to do what you like and you post it to let everyone know them. It is a win win situation for both of you. So if you are planning to make that extra income all you have to do is check paying post and make it happen.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tea With A Twist

Are you a tea drinker why not add a twist to it. We all know that tea is good for us but adding a lemon to it will do more good to our body. The journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research reported a study showing that adding 2-3 tablespoons of citrus juice like orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit to 1 cup of green tea improves the stability of catechins (the antioxidants that help prevent cance, stroke and heart disease). It also increases the amount available for digestion up to five times. Although most teas are high in catechins, they are unstable in nonacidic environments such as your intestines, so less than 20% is usually absorbed. By steeping one tea bag in 1 cup of boiling water for 3-5 minutes and then adding some juice, you'll ensure high levels of antioxidants.

Source: MuscleMag

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Q and A Portion

Q. Why weight training? Can't a woman simply lose weight by regular use cardio exercise?

A. Let's assume an overweight woman with poor overall shape decides to lose weight with a diet and treadmill combination. Yes, the weight will come off, but that same woman will merely be a smaller version of her previous poor shape. It is weight training that actually gives the body shape and sparkle. Weights build your shoulder, out a V-shape in your back, add an outer sweep to your quads and build abs that show diamond-shaped calves and a toned chest and arms.

Q. What do you say to women who have a huge problem with weight training for fear of getting too muscular?

A. Weight training does not build huge muscles on women. Their hormone (estrogen) levels forbid it. Testosterone (the male hormone) is the catalyst for big muscles. Those huge female weightlifters with ripped muscles are taking testosterone based drugs (i.e., steroids).

Source: OxygenMag

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Warning: Energy Drinks

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), after decades of researching the effects of caffeine, believe caffeinated energy drinks should list caffeine doses on a label and warn consumers of potential health risks of caffeine intoxication, Some energy drinks contain the equivalent of 14 cans of Coca-Cola. Symptoms of caffeine intoxication include nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, gastrointestinal upset, tremors and rapid heartbeat. A regular 12-ounce cola drink has about 35 milligrams of caffeine. Energy drinks, on the other hand, contain anywhere from 50 to more than 500 milligrams.

Source: Drug and Alcohol Dependence, MuscleMag

Health Facts



Every hour spent exercising vigorously adds two hours to an adult's lifespan.

Source: Understanding Healthcare, MuscleMag


That's how much younger you'll be at cellular level when you remain physically active.

Source: Archives of Internal Medicine (Jan. 2008
), MuscleMag

Good News for Chocoholics

The results of a study conducted in Italy, published in the Journal of Nutrition, reveal eating a small square (specifically 6.7 grams or 0.23 ounces) of dark chocolate every day may protect your your heart from inflammation and heart disease. Consuming moderate amounts of dark chocolate lowered people's blood levels of C-reactive protein, which causes inflammation in the arteries. You can have too much of a good thing, however, so don't go overboard with this tasty treat.

Source: MuscleMag

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