Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Hubby's Dinner

My Hubby is very conscious when it comes to his health or should I say weight. As a military they have to maintain their weight limit. So every time I prepare food for him, I make sure that it is good for him or he won't eat it. Last night I made him a chicken burrito's and scrambled egg with a twists. I made his chicken burritos from scratch. I got the recipe from Weight Watchers , that's why I know it is good for him. I just boiled some chicken breasts, once it's done I shredded them. I added a little bit of lemon and shredded cheese. That's it no salt or any seasoning to it. I used tortilla to wrapped the chicken. Plain and simple plus it is very easy to make. I made him a scrambled egg too. I saute the onions and tomatoes first then I add the eggs substitute. I also added one egg, salt and pepper to taste. That's it my hubby's dinner is ready! :-)

1 Comment:

Mark said...

Hmmm delicious!!

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