Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How To Look Slender!

Wearing the right clothing whatever body type you got will make you look slender. Plus you will look good. Here are the five rules that you look like you drop instantly two sizes.

Think smooth bottom line.
Wearing a properly fitting undies can help you look pounds lighter. Be sure it's not too tight on your waist that will create a muffin top. Try Spanx, Maidenform and Bali.

Get fitted.
Avoid wearing a too tight bra. It creates a bulging that will make you look bigger than you are. Adjust your strap too a simple lift will creates a longer, leaner looking torso.

Use color cleverly.
Wear something neutral with a little pop of color on a skinny part of your body. That's a great slimming secret of some stars.

Show off your decolletage.
Wearing a wide or deep V-shaped neckline will draw attention to that lovely area that never shows excess water weight. It will creates balance with the rest of your outfit. Just don't get too low.

Wear Skinny Shoes
Finish your look with pointy toes and 2-inch or higher heels. This will give you a lean look. Like to wear flats? Wear something that showing a little cleavage to draw attention to that delicate area.


Syahrizki Rafi' Asy'ari said...

wow .... you will understand very very clothes that you see the debate, whether you are a designer ?..... can you make it clothes for me.... heheheheheheh , I'm just kidding ....

ria you can speak in indonesia language too if you translate with google translate.....oke

jhoicexoxo said...

Hi sis, nice entry, thanks
for sharing this,^^ I badly need to follow the last one=D hehe

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