Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let You Know

I'm sorry guys for not posting new topic yet. I've been busy like I said to my other blog. I've been busy packing our stuff that we are going to bring with us, the rest we sold it. Speaking of sold, we did the garage sale today! We sold the stereo and some baby stuff. We still have 2 TV's to sell, some baby stuff and a computer desk. We sold our couch the other day too and same with our dining set. Maybe you're wondering why we are selling our stuff. Here's the answer to that. We are moving to a small apartment and if we are going to bring all our stuff it's not going to fit. That's why we need to get rid of it. We are just going to buy new stuff that will fit in our new place. Sigh.. this is very hard for me. Thank God my hubby is off for 3 days so he can help me to pack. To tell you the truth I'm exhausted not just physically but emotionally and mentally I'm drained. I'm thinking new place no friends and need to meet new ones. It's not easy for me cause I'm a shy person. I know I will end up staying inside the house most of the time. Plus the fact that I don't drive yet Oh yes this will be very hard for me. You probably saying then learn to drive. It's not easy because I've never been driving in the Philippines and I just now need to learn. Oh well..

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Anonymous said...

how exciting:) At least you can redecorate and start up fresh. I ask my husband to pretend like moving so we can take all our stuff out in our house so we can clean it big time! But he won't:( he got tired of moving hehehe.

You should learn how to drive because it can help you a lot! You can apply a job whenever you want to, go somewhere whenever you want to. I knew the feeling when not knowing how to drive it sucks big time. .
happy moving:)

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