Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Breakfast Can Help You To Slim Down

According to a recent study, getting plenty of protein and carbs at your morning meal can help you to slim down. Seattle-based dietitian Kelly Horton, R.D., explains that fueling up on slow-burning carbs and protein in the morning can stave off cravings that can lead to overeating later. For best results, pair good-quality carbs (such as whole-grain cereal or oatmeal) with food that offer both protein and a little fat like eggs, yogurt, nut butter, or cottage cheese. They conducted the test to 48 obese women and the results are amazing. After eight months of getting nearly half of their 1,240 calories at breakfast, these women lost over 21 percent of their body weight. While the other 46 women stuck to a strict low-carb meal plan, with a breakfast providing about a fourth of their 1,085 daily calories. They shed an average of 28 pounds in four months but they gained back about 18 pounds over the next four months. Those on a big-breakfast diet dropped 23 pounds in four months and another 16.5 pounds by the end of the study. This only show that eating a proper breakfast helps more to lost weight than do the low-carb diet.


Ancha_Cool said...

wah postingannya semua bahasa luar ya!!!

jHeLea said...

let me try having a big breakfast hahaha

Maus said...

ohh i need to eat my breakfast ria hehe
hindi kasi ako nag aalmusal.

Anonymous said...

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