Friday, November 14, 2008

Work Out = Sweeter Sleep

We all know the importance of exercise to our health but there is more to it. Just being active during day time will help us a lot. I'm talking about sleeping. I know some of us have problem sleeping at night or what we call "insomnia". Keeping your self physically active during the day could keep you from tossing and turning at night. According to a study presented at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies' annual meeting, 28 women and 8 men suffered from insomnia, assigned to a session of moderate aerobic exercise had a 37 percent increase in their total sleep time. It's not clear how exercise might ease insomnia but elevated levels of stress-relieving brain chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins could play a role, says Lawrence Epstein, M.D. author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep. Doing simple walking to bicycling, tennis or swimming will help you. Doing more relaxing exercise like yoga might help promote sounder sleep when you do it near bedtime, says Epstein.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ria dear... I hope you get well soon... hugs


artofreed said...

Nice post, nice suggestion, good info. Thank you.

Sunshine4Life said...

Hi Ria, this post is really right. But i fail to do this many times. I do work out but sleep so late at night. haiii

How are you?


Anonymous said...

i don't even get enough sleep:(.

how r u doing? anyway, let me know about exlinking. I have been busy these days and i forgot to check on my messages and to visit other's blogs. please remind me when u have done it:)TC~

Today will be really beautiful, tomorrow certainly more beautiful!!! said...

Thank you you have visited to my house and gave the comment.

Ria said...

I agree with you on this one 101% but never exercise few hours before bedtime or you'll find it hard to sleep since you're all reved up.

Se3keR said...

Being an athlete last time, I definitely believe that work out will lead to a sweeter sleep. Anyway, it's really encouraging to read such a post as most internet savvy folks didn't work out. I've been maintaining the routine lately and ya...I got a good sleep...all the way to the morning...haha!

rillys said...

i`m on isomania... 3 days never sleep...huhuhuhu...but the sugestion on me please do not doing anything jobs about a yourself... working on me

Anonymous said...

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