Monday, November 24, 2008

Wine Good for Liver?

We all know that overindulging in alcohol can harm our liver. A new study shows that sipping a little wine may protect our liver against the most common liver disease here in the United States. Scientists found that those who drank a glass of wine daily had a 50 percent lower risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than their alcohol-free counterparts did. However for the beer and liquor it did not hold true. NAFLD known to lead to cirrhosis in some cases also shares a number of risk factors such as obesity and high blood pressure with heart disease. Although studies suggest that moderate wine drinking may cut your heart-disease risk, cautions from Tufts University nutrition science and policy professor Alice Lichtenstein it's too early to tell whether the same is true for NAFLD. Lichtenstein adds, because of breast-cancer risk rises with alcohol intake, women at high risk should limit their drinking as much as possible.


addyforest said...

Great news, Thanks for posting

Nancy said...

i agree... i always have a drink every after dinner!

Tripzibit said...

As long as we don't drink too much wine, i think that's fine for our body

Anonymous said...

maybe i should start drinking again? lol I retired long time ago...

Anonymous said...

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