Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be Alert! Be Safe!

This post in not about health but it is important and we should all be aware of. As a parent our first priority is to make sure of our child's safety. How to do it is not easy, but there are ways. According to the recently released report of the U.S. Department of Juristic 14% of all previous sex offenders will repeat in committing a sex related crime. This is alarming so we should be aware of the risks that surrounded us to protect our love ones. We all know that internet is the number one destination of sex offenders but there is also a website that can help us it is called Track Sex Offenders. Tracking sex offenders in our area will give us an information we need to assure of our family's safety specially the safety of our children. How to do it is easy just go to Track Sex and enter your zip code and you will get the result of how many sex offenders are living in your area. Plus you can view a detailed predator reports, photos of nearby offenders, get their names and address. Their website is easy to access and the information they can give will benefit us. Do the Sex Offender Lookup it is not bad to be aware, instead it will insure your family's safety.


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