Friday, February 20, 2009

Scrubs & Beyond Spring 2009 Collection

Scrubs & Beyond offers a wide selection of medical scrub tops for women and men in the healthcare field. They offer a wide variety of hospital scrubs from Cherokee Workwear, Dickies Uniforms, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs, Katherine Heigl Scrubs, Landau Uniforms, Urbane Scrubs and more. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, dental hygienist or medical student, Scrubs & Beyond has the perfect medical scrubs for you. They also have scrub jackets, lab coats and nursing clog shoes that you might be interested to check out. You can choose from their new arrivals or best selling depends on how much you want to spend. They offer free shipping on all orders $100 or more. For your easy shopping access click on their interactive online scrubs catalog. Do you want to add some style, feel good and look good? Try their animal print scrubs. Before you purchase read about the details of their products to get more ideas. When it comes to their nursing clogs comfort is important that is why they offer those on their products. They have 34 colors you can choose from. Good products at an affordable price that is what Scrubs & Beyond is all about. Check out their web site now for their 2009 Spring Collection, for more information and product selection. If you know someone who work in medical fields and need scrubs tell them about Scrubs & Beyond.


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