Monday, March 16, 2009


Have you heard of iD by Landau? iD by Landau is both designer and manufacturer. They cater to any corporations or companies that looking for their corporate identity. What better way to do this is through an uniform. iD by Landau comes in, they make it easy to build the right look for your corporate identity. They deliver unique, affordable solutions to outfit different job levels and functions. The results are a coordinated image that makes your company look good and associates who like the way they look. They do not only cater corporate apparel, they also have the Chef wear, Work aprons and embroidery Info. Under their Work Aprons you can choose the one that will fit your needs. Samples of their aprons are pocket apron, bib apron and chef apron. They have different styles of pocket aprons. They have Roxi_2231, it is a womens skapron. Maine_247 is a pocket waist apron. Paris_263 is a V-neck Tuxedo style apron. Frisco_253 is an one pocket bistro apron. Montana_244 is an extra long bib apron and Sierra_248 is a two pocket bib apron. In bib aprons iD by Landau offers choices they have a six items and these are Two pocket bib apron, no pocket bib apron, V-neck tuxedo style apron, extra long bib apron, heavy vinyl bib apron and nylon bib apron. In iD by Landau they construct quality chef aprons. Under the chef aprons they have the four way cullinary apron, one pocket bistro apron, two pocket bib apron, no pocket bib apron and last but not the least the extra long bib apron.
For your business uniforms, spa uniforms, hotel uniforms and restaurant uniforms you should check out They promised quality garments, quality service and on-time delivery. Their talented staffs are ready to work with you. They got some bright ideas to get you noticed, so what are you waiting for give them a call at 1-866-608-4343.


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