Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hold Time Music

Have you experienced when you call a business firm or make a doctor's appointment and the receptionist will tell you to hold on you will hear a music or someone talking about their business and what they can do to help you. In short they are advertising through phone. This is not the advertising like someone will call you and offer you a bunch of services that you are not interested. That is not what I am talking about. Have you heard of HoldTime Studios? HoldTime Studios is a website that caters on Onhold Messaging. It is an inexpensive way to tell your customers about your business or where you work. When your customers are on hold or transferred within your phone system, they will stay on the line a bit longer and listen until someone is ready to assess them. Onhold messaging is one of Marketing Ideas that is inexpensive and effective. You can promote the changes in your business, increase website exposure, increase value-added purchases and a lot more of unique ideas that will help your business. It is an innovative marketing solutions for your business. You have options in doing this marketing. You can choose Music On Hold or Message On Hold or you can do both. Their process is easy. First they will give you a call to talk about your company in a scripting interview, just tell them when is the good time for you to talk. If you don't want to do it over the phone they can send an online questionnaire for you. After this comes the equipment sent, script writing, approve the production and you're all done. For more information or you have more questions about their services you can visit them through clicking one of the links above.


Bill said...

Hi Ria, i have hold music on my cell phone. It is a great thing people can here the music till i answer the phone. have a great one.

Ron Centeno said...

Music or message on hold makes holding a little less boring.

Take care Ria!

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