Monday, March 9, 2009

Cooking/Food Tips

I got this tips from one of my favorite mag. You might want to try this one in some of your dishes. It also be good if you are counting calories in your food intake.

* Change the meat. Make your dish even lighter by substituting lean (99 %) ground turkey breast for the ground beef. You will save 20 calories and 2.5g fat per ounce. You want to try vegetarian way, you can use canned black, cannellini or pinto beans instead of meat.

* Try it with sausage. To give your dish more flavor, you can use chicken or turkey sausage instead of ground beef. Buy the leanest uncooked sausage you can find, and squeeze it out of the casings into your skillet. Follow the recipe as directed.

* Use a different cheese. Grated Cheese would be just as tasty or you can try a shredded Mexican or Italian cheese blend.

* Be colorful. Using a variety of colored bell peppers gives your dish a pretty presentation. Feel free to make it with just one color, if you prefer.

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