Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks

I already created a post before about web hosting sites. These one is another web hosting site that you might want to check out. These web hosting site is good for those who are looking for a new web hosting service. Like many of other webhosting sites they have list of top ten web hosting. They have their top ten web hosting or best web hosts for 2009. In their list you can see the rank, the name or the web hosting provider, features, bonus features and hosting review. Under that features you will see the space, traffic and price of that web hosting provider. When it comes to hosting review for me it is very important to see what other people think of such web hosting provider. It will help you decide even better when it comes to choosing the best web hosting provider. In Web Hosting Geeks they features all these cheap professional web hosting services which is under $10 a month. Also all their web hosting plans include at least one free domain name registration and a 30 day money back guarantee if you change your mind. You can also check out about their multiple domain web hosting. Multiple Domain Web Hosting is basically a small reseller web hosting plan which allow you to host additional domains on the same account. These is good to those who have many sites. You do not have to buy an additional hosting plan for your next or other website. In short you can save more and spend less. For those who loves going green they also have those too. Yes you read it right! They have Green Web Hosting for those who feel good about saving the earth. How they do it well they use alternative/renewable energy, plant trees, recycling waste and purchase RECs to power their datacenters. In short whatever you are looking for your next web hosting provider you can find those in their web site. What are you waiting for check them out.


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