Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Habits Contribute to Our Health

Each and everyone of us have our own habits. Check out the list below of some habits that can affect our health. The authors of the book Long Life Prescription asked nine doctors who specialize in anti-aging to rank the impact of dozens of common habits on people's health. Here are the result:

Most Harmful Personal Habits
1. Smoking cigarettes
2. Spending yourself deeply into debt
3. Needing sleeping pills to get a good night's sleep
4. Drinking too much to drive at least once a week
5. Taking painkillers every day

Most Harmful Eating habits
1. Drinking a lot of soda
2. Eating four or more meals a week at fast-food restaurants
3. Eating ice cream, cake, doughnuts or candy bars every day
4. Rarely eating vegetables
5. Skipping breakfast most mornings
6. Losing and gaining back the same 10 to 20 pounds, over and over again

Most Harmful Lifestyle Choices
1. Being angry, worried or stressed more than happy
2. Feeling a loss of control over home, career or family
3. Living in an unhappy relationship for some time
4. Ignoring most health problems and symptoms
5. Not exercising beyond everyday living

The Top Five Habits for a Longer Life
1. Exercising more
2. Eating more fruits and vegetables
3. Eating less junk food and fatty food
4. Worrying less and having more fun
5. Sleeping more

1 Comment:

Ron Centeno said...

Yes Ria,

Habits do have a big impact on our health.

We need to minimize our stress to live a longer life.

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