Monday, July 27, 2009

Dust Control

Growing up I remember my Mom cleaning our house upside-down twice a week that is if my younger sister didn't had an asthma attack. After our youngest sister was born that doctor said she had a weak lungs which means she had an asthma. I remember how many times they go see the doctor for her check up and after that comes the prescription. My sister took a lot of medication at a young age. While she was young she didn't complained about taking all those medication but when she gets older she got tired of taking them and asked my Mom why she needs to take all those medication. My Mom told her the reason and she understood but there are some days that she doesn't want to take them anymore but after reminded her why she needs to take them, she eventually take them.

Like I said my Mom is a freak when it comes to cleaning our house. She wants to make sure everything is clean and free of dust. Dust is a worst enemy of people who have asthma, it is bad for them because they are having a hard time breathing with all the dust surrounds them. The problem is dust is everywhere the good news is there is a company who takes care about these problem. Soils Control International is a company that is dedicated to the goal of quality products and excellent service to help their customers around the world. There are things that you can do to help keep asthma from flaring up. As populations increase and the infrastructure and roads around us starts to decline, Dust Control or Dust Abatement become more important to those suffering from asthma. Other products/services of Soils Control International are PM10, Road Dust Control, Haul Road Dust Control and Gravel Road Dust Control. Recently the EPA has issued guidelines for dust control, dust abatement and PM10 regulations because of these changes many local and state governing bodies make it a top priority to take control of dust pollution. Doing these things will eventually help thousands of asthma sufferers.


Ron Centeno said...

Hi Ria! Long time nawala ako sa ere! Thanks for this info! Allergic pa naman ako sa dust. :-)

Blogking said...

Whether you maintain unpaved roadways, shoulders, trails, helipads, stockpiles, heavy traffic roads, baseball diamonds, or horse arenas, our products can solve your most stubborn dust control problems:

Anonymous said...

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