Friday, July 31, 2009

Healthier Hotel Stay

There are many people who stays in hotel rooms whether they travel for pleasure or for work they need to know that there are many hotel rooms that are contaminated with germs and bedbugs even luxury hotels. To protect yourself, better safeguard yourself with these three important moves.

1. Wipe Down The Remote. A study from University of Virginia found that even after a routine room cleaning, hotel remote controls, light switches, faucets and telephones can still harbor cold- and flu-causing viruses for a day. Before you settle in, scrub those surfaces with an antibacterial wipe.
2. Do A Mattress Check. Dale Kemery, a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency says "To ensure your room is free of bedbugs, peel back the sheets and look for telltale small, rust-colored stains,"
3. Slip On Flip-Flops. Padding around the bathroom or shower barefoot can result in a bad case of athlete's foot. Also avoid using the whirlpool bath; although it's tempting, it may expose you to the microorganisms that cause urinary tract infections and rashes.

Simple things mentioned above can protect you from any unwanted diseases. Next time you rent a hotel room do what it says above.


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