Friday, October 17, 2008

Boredom Is Not Bad At All

Do you wonder what the boredom does or affect our body? Here's why boredom isn't bad at all. The research suggests that boredom is a valuable mental tool that allows us to refresh our thoughts. Usually there's a reason we tune things out. A good example is droning lecturers, by filtering the incoming world around us, and that tendency helps us sort information into useful or not useful categories. Science also shows that the brain, far from shutting down during those distracted moments. It's actually consuming 5% less energy than when fully engaged. So the next time you feel like or found yourself staring into space, sit awhile. Give yourself a break.


Tripzibit said...

Well,i'm feel like sleepy if i'm staring at the sky, is it a good for my health too?

Saem said...

i agree. sometimes it's good to meditate...hehehe..


Anonymous said...

I guess boredom has it's advantage! when I get bored I start paying attention to all things around me! I start calling my cable company to complain, I start cross-stitching, cleaning and something else that only boredom can push me to do it lol. That's true:)That's why i don't like to be bored coz I start doing things I don't want to do really.

Anonymous said...

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