Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily Visits

As a blogger we support each other by visiting each others blog right? Why some people asked for link exchange and after you added them and visit them every day they are not doing the same thing for you? What do you call those people then? Oh well just want to let everyone know that I'm going to visit you one more time and if I don't get the same responds from you I will delete you. It should be give and take but I guess some of you don't know that. I appreciate a lot of people who always visit me like we should all do. One Filipina gave me this idea and she have a point. So yeah I will clean up my friends list tomorrow. I will do the same to my other blog. I'm not doing this to be mean I'm just saying we should support each other. Okay enough of this. I will visit all in my list now. Enjoy your weekend everyone! Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

don't u hate that? as for me i don't really visit all my contact all the time. i have 4 blogs and tons of contacts. So visiting them all of them will take me whole day. However, when i visit i try to leave comments or message in their tagboard. But the ones that i do't like is that, when u visit and commented they never return the visit & comment!that is why i don't visit those people regularly hahaha. I still keep them in my lost thoough I only take them off only when i found out that they took mine off!

kikai said...

yes this is true. If i ask someone to xchange links with me.. it means i like their blog. sometimes I understand other people why they cant visit.. maybe they're busy that they cant go online so i try to read through their blogs maybe they mentioned something about being busy.. and if the case is like that, i understand :-) so far, i dont have link buddies that never visits me back.. hehe

but from time to time im cleaning my links, those sites that are not active anymore, i delete it :-)


jogjacartoonvisit said...

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Anonymous said...

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